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HiQ-Nano is a nanotechnology company focused on the design, fabrication and characterization of high-quality nanoparticles.

high quality silica nanoparticles


Ultra-stable Fluorescent Nano-beads

Highly bright and photostable, available with different sizes, colours and surface functionalization.


  • super resolution fluorescence microscopy (STED microscopy);
  • bioimaging for in vitro and in vivo applications (detection, tracking and multiplexed imaging of specific molecules, cells, and tissues, when functionalized with tagging molecules);
  • diagnostics (silica nanoparticles are easily conjugated to proteins, DNA/RNA and antibodies. Silica-biomolecule conjugates have been widely incorporated into diagnostic applications. They can permit a rapid and accurate detection of trace amounts of organisms, such as pathogenic bacteria, for applications in food, water safety and clinical diagnosis);
  • drug and gene delivery (optical monitoring of intracellular trafficking and gene transfection).
Ultra-stable Fluorescent Nano-beads
silica nanoparticles

Silica nanoparticles

Highly stable and biocompatible particles. Available with different sizes and surface functionalization.


  • drug and gene delivery;
  • additives in cosmetics products and in food industry.

Gold nanoparticles

Highly monodispersed and stable. Available with different sizes.


  • diagnostics (Red color gold nanoparticles are readily conjugated to proteins. DNA/RNA and antibodies. Gold-biomolecule conjugates have been widely incorporated into diagnostic applications, such as COVID tests);
  • photothermal therapy (gold nanoparticles can be conjugated to biomolecules to specifically target cancer cells and thanks to their ability to produce heat through laser light to selectively kill cancerous cells);
  • Plasmonics: thanks to their unique optical properties due to surface plasmon resonance, gold nanoparticles can be used as biomedical labels, sensors, and detectors with ultrahigh sensitivity. 
gold nanoparticles


Custom nanoparticles

The R&D and innovation are HiQ-Nano’s soul. HiQ-Nano’s goal is to help researchers and companies to easily take advantage of the unique properties of nanomaterials. Based on the customer's needs, HiQ-Nano develop customized products and take care of the customer in every steps from the design of the nanomaterials to the after-sales. Thanks to the extensive and multidisciplinary expertise in material science, nanochemistry and nanobiotechnology of our researchers, we empower the customers to develop innovative solutions and we never leave them alone to tackle the challenges of research and innovation.

The mission of the company is to guarantee excellence in the production of nanoparticles while providing the best technologies and expertise in order to deliver the unique properties of nanomaterials  to the bench of researchers and companies.

HiQ-Nano is here to introduce you in the fascinating experience of nanoworld!


HiQ-Nano is a spin-off company from the Italian Institute of Technology - IIT, born from the extensive expertise developed over the years by highly passionate IIT researchers with the goal to manufacture precisely engineered and highly characterized “green” nanomaterials for a wide range of applications. Unlike most nanoparticles on the market, characterized by poorly defined chemical-physical properties and poor performance, HiQ-Nano develops unique nanoproducts with superior properties and negligible batch-to-batch variability and provide them with accurate characterization of their shape, size distribution, charge, and agglomeration state. The aim is to deliver the unique properties of high quality nanomaterials  to the bench of researchers and companies to foster innovation and disruptive technologies.

The business innovation project of HiQ-Nano aims to transfer the scientific and the technological expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of nanotechnology in products and services available to everyone, in order to satisfy the demanding needs of both academic research and industrially oriented applications.

HiQ-nano not only sells high quality products, but offers a design service to develop custom solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers and advanced consulting services, with personalized support, to make your customer's work easier and faster.

Choose your nanoparticles properties, we'll take care of the rest!

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